Fantasyshields version 2

First demo impressions

This is a first impression of the editor I have been working on. The main change is the usage of HTML5 technology aka SVG and JavaScript. As you can see the actual content is still placeholders since I'm still in the process of working out the kinks out of it. This version thus far is only the frontend and as I clean up the GUI I will implement the backend which will allow saving and exporting the created heraldy in various formats.

As HTML5 this editor will need modern browsers. I am currently testing with Mozilla Firefox 25 and Chrome 30. I completely ignore IE since this browser doesn't like the SVG + Javascript thingies for the most part. Hopefully IE 10 will fix that. I'd like to know experiences with other browsers though I apologize in advance that I will at this point continue to concentrate on Mozilla and Chrome as the main browsers.



Select style

The bottom row of shields you see allow you to select basic shapes and styles from 3D rendered shields as in the original over different shapes to simple 2D shields. This will set the basic framing and area in which you can place your elements

Add Elements

The top row are elements to add to the shield. A simple click will place the element on the shield. The overlay will give you various options to manipulate the element. On the right you will find the layer block which will add addtional controls for the element.

Manipulate elements

Hovering over an element will give you a blue rectangle with 5 points on the corner and one in the center. This is your transformation box to manipulate a give element. Dragging the element will position it on the canvas.


Resizing the element by dragging any of the corners (highlighted yellow when active) and allows you the scale the entire element


Clicking the center manipulator will flip the element horizontally.


You can now clone the element by doubleclicking the highlighted element. note that at this stage this only causes a graphic clone in the viewport but not a clone in the datastructure (you will see that the cloned element has no own control layer on the right hand side). THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS

Open Features

Fields *done*

The fields as the base layer are currently missing entirely. In contrast to the current editor I plan to add them as a special layer type always as a base and not switchable like the elements

Shuffle elements *done*

Currently you can not shuffle render order like you used to. This feature is still missing

Resizing tweaks *done*

The way the resizing works is currently unintuitive. Something mucks the coordinate system up making the manipulators act contrary to expected behaviour.

Delete Elements *done*

Currently not implemented. Should be easy though. Easier than the other features that is.

Backend storage *done*

Store the defined shield pattern in database

Backend renderer *done*

Restore a shield from the database

Element selector *open*

The element selector must load its element dynamically and the design of the rotator has to be redone

UI Design *open*

As is obvious the UI design is functional but ugly. The design has to be fixed.

Implementation of base elements *open*

Basic shields, symbols and beasts alas the old editor have to be done

gallery *open*

a gallery to show all the generated shields.

export functions *open*

One can already transform shields successfully via a backend. This still needs an interface in the front.

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Aerystar wrote:
I'm using Opera. Everything seems to function as designed. Can't say I'm a big fan of the new color interface though. I preferred the style used in Version 1 since I could assign colors by number.
2019-12-08 18:37:59
kkkk wrote:
2018-03-02 08:15:11
Kevin wrote:
Random feature, pleae
2018-01-18 17:11:45
CresentWhiteWolf wrote:
This is for homework:P
2017-10-17 12:08:08
CresentWhiteWolf wrote:
This is for homework:P
2017-10-17 12:08:07
MadWolf wrote:
Flash error. Page is broken.
2017-05-20 22:47:12
MadWolf wrote:
Flash error. Page is broken.
2017-05-20 22:47:05
Skrzyczek wrote:
ja jestem michał
2017-02-18 20:07:13
Skrzyczek wrote:
ja jestem michał
2017-02-18 20:06:47
Skrzyczek wrote:
ja jestem michał
2017-02-18 20:06:43
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