Fantasy shields

Introduction 2

Welcome to Fantasy Shields, a site devoted to fantasy heraldy and the creation of heraldic shields and coat of arms. This site features a heraldic shield generator made in Flash which allows you to compose a coat of arms of your own by simple drag and drop and latter export and addition to "The Lists".

Version 2 in the works

Hello folks! I put up a first demo to the next version of the editor online.

The main goal is to get an editor which can store your shield patterns without any graphic data attached to it so you can reload, reedit and rerender shields as you like.

Others should be able to contribute. The current flash version is so arcane that even I have trouble adding new elements. Basing the new editor off SVG which can be edited and created by anyone via vector graphic programs like Inkscape should open the possibility of a contribute functionality

I need discspace. The current shields are rendered out of the Flash editor as a PNG and put on the server. So far with thousands of shields the disk space gets scarce. The new editor will only store database definitions of shields and can render them on the fly. Varied export functions. By keeping it as vectors I can create far more export formats server side. I tried to pick up on your comments. Goals are enhancement in usability, extended functions, more flexibility.

Update History

  • 2013-11-22: As you might have noticed due to a few glitches something happened! This site moved to a different server and there were some network troubles for the past days that are hopefully now fixed. If you haven't checked out Version 2 for some time I finally found some time to move this bugger closer to a decent release. I currently add new UI and then hopefully finalize some backend stuff so I can go full force on creating content so you can create new shields
  • 2013-02-03: Finally got some time to further tweak the new editor. Hopefully worked the last kinks out of the placement and scaling manipulator and now moving into actually styling the damn thing.
  • 2012-11-06: Switching the site to its new framework and overhauled design. It looks are only adjusted slightly, otherwise I'm still a bit too busy to fix up the main issues with the new editor. Only a few things missing though. Stay tuned!
  • 2012-09-15: Main functionality of version 2 now finished. Time for the design. As you'll notice I removed alot of the older shields for now because the server ran out of storage. I will see to increase this and put them back in.
  • 2012-08-04: Sneak peak. A demo to the next shield editor is online. Here you can find Fantasy Shields v2.0
  • 2012-01-25:Hello folks. Site was moved to a new server hopefully with enough disk space. Since I have freer rein on what to install here I'm currently working on Fantasy Shields 2.0 which will be based on SVG and JS rather than Flash. Hopefully this will allow a greater flexibility and array of features.
  • 2011-11-18:Short update. Sorry for the lack of updates! I'm currently preparing a different server because of storage constraints but thanks to my dayjob (which allows me to buy food) I do not really find the time. I hope I find the nerve in a short while because you are generating so many. Stay tuned for updates since I'm pondering some major changes after the move!
  • 2011-08-21: Upon multiple request I added a few more diagonal backgrounds, including a chevron, quartered background etc.
  • 2011-06-02: I added a far more detailed eagle based on the Austrian and old Prussian eagle. Quite happy about this one. I also added a wolf design upon multiple requests.
  • 2011-04-26: To give you some more toys to play around I added a row of symbols: Lozenge, disc, crescent and decrescent. I'll see to add a few more beasts soon!
  • 2011-04-25: Oh dear. Found some really stupid, buggy code that must have been an eyesore to all you IE users (why aren't you saying anything!?!). Fixed it up and will now see if I can appease demands for more elements to play around with
  • 2011-03-05: Fixed some stuff and made the checker field align with the quarter field. Still working on some other issues I hope to bring you soon!
  • 2011-02-17: Currently working on a rank system for the shields. Current CSS mixup is caused by this
  • 2010-12-01: added shield rotator with random refresh function so you get a glimpse what other people have done with the editor.
  • 2010-11-11: Tweaked the look of the site to give it a better finish.
  • 2010-09-11: Fixed problem with comment function
  • 2010-08-31: Finally reworked some of the CMS. Site should now function better.
  • 2010-04-14: CMS system deployed
  • 2010-02-18: Bug fixes and tweaks. Better Colorpicker deployed
  • 2010-01-23: Site launched